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Yachts in Newport Harbor

Yachts in Newport Harbor

The other day we were in Newport, RI and visiting friends that have a boat so we went around Newport Harbor and admired some of the incredible yachts. When I was younger I spent a great deal of time in Newport but being able to see the yachts from the water side is a whole other experience from doing it from the dock side.

Looking at these sailboats and yachts is like being in a dream. It’s mind…

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In another life

It seems like it was in another life but in reality it was just another chapter of a varied life that has explored many avenues with more to come. During this time in our lives, we raised sheep and naturally had wool so I decided to teach myself how to knit. Following patterns has never been my strong suit so I started designing my own sweaters and learned the correct measurements but even that…

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Baked Haddock

One of the things I love about being back in New England is the seafood.  I grew up on cold water seafood, and really prefer it to that other kind down south.  Our lobsters taste better than those warm water crawfish, Grouper is alright, but I much prefer the tender white flakey  meat of haddock.  Add some toasted bread crumbs, a bit of butter and voila- yumminess.  Baked Haddock is an easy,…

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Quinoa Salad with Roasted Red Pepper and Corn

Quinoa Salad with Roasted Red Pepper and Corn

A couple years ago our son’s girlfriend came to visit with us in the Bahama’s for 10 days.  Being a vegetarian, she kindly brought much of her own foods, and had great pride in introducing us to her diet.  One of the things she brought and made was Quinoa.  I must say, I did not appreciate it at the time, at all.  Maybe it was the things she added, I don’t really remember.   Then this summer my…

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The Acton Fair- 149 years running

The Acton Fair- 149 years running

Yesterday we went to the Acton Fair which has been going on for the last 149 years. It’s a small country fair in Acton, Maine and a summer highlight for many. It’s interesting to walk around and see the various animals as years ago we had a great many of them from what almost seems like a previous life. We also wander around and look at the various stalls and what they have to offer and wonder…

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Easy fix for a slow bathroom sink drain

Easy fix for a slow bathroom sink drain

Every once in awhile you get a bathroom sink that drains rather slowly and sometimes it’s an easy fix that doesn’t require Drano or a plumber. This sink drain was slower than slow. Now the problem may have been more difficult but it’s always the best plan to start with the easiest potential solution first.

The first step is to release the drain so that you can pull it up and all sinks have some…

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The New Keurig 2.0 - New Features Reviewed

The New Keurig 2.0 – New Features Reviewed

You probably assumed I made a typographical error since the Keurig 2.0 isn’t available for sale but I was lucky enough to receive one via a Klout perk to try out. The Keurig 2.0 is a whole new way to brew coffee that I’m sure you’ll want to know more about.

We have had Keurig coffee makers but always the single serve models as you can see below. Our daughter has the larger model that has the…

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New England Seafood Chowder

New England Seafood Chowder

Welcome to August in New England.  You can never tell what kind of weather is around the corner.  Well, actually you can by listening to the forecast, but what I am trying to say is one day it will be 80 and the next in the 50’s.  About a week ago, we had our annual family day at Tricky Pond.  What a great day, everyone in the family looks forward to it.  We have steamers and lobsters, corn on…

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Easy to do square cuts on lumber

Easy to do square cuts on lumber

There are times when doing carpentry that you don’t want to bring out the miter saw but still need to make square cuts so here’s an easy solution. By using a carpenter’s square you can make clean square cuts on your lumber without drawing a full line and trying to cut smoothly and accurately along that line.

Below is the type of carpenter’s square that you might already have and it can be also…

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North Conway changes in my lifetime

North Conway changes in my lifetime

I grew up in New England and a recent trip to North Conway, New Hampshire reminded me of the changes that can happen over even a short lifetime. I remember back in the late 60’s we had come up here and then the road was merely two lanes and woods everywhere. Most of the street or actually Route 16 had some houses but not much each really. North Conway was a rural northern New England town much…

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