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How to replace an old toilet

How to replace an old toilet

After a period of time or even a newly designed bathroom, it may be time to replace the old toilet with a new one. Here’s how.

The old toilet had been in place for almost thirty years so it was time to be replaced and a new comfort height toilet was chosen.

Old toilet

Old toilet

The first thing to do is to turn off the water supply to the toilet and then flush it so that as much water as possible is drained…

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Glass Blowing at SolinGlass- Video

Not long ago I visited and attended a glass blowing class at SolinGlass in Brattleboro, VT with Randi Solin and Marie Formichelli Walker and loved it.

Win a $300 Sennheiser Headphone set

Win a $300 Sennheiser Headphone set

Here’s a great opportunity and relatively easy to do for a chance to win a set of great headphones.

Complete your desk with the limited-edition gold HeadStand (desktop headphone hanger), and show us to win $300 Sennheiser headphones.

Sennheiser headphones

Sennheiser headphones

It doesn’t matter if you buy a HeadStand and photograph it, borrow it, photoshop it, or whatever. As long as you show  how it completes your…

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Laura’s Seafood Stew

Laura’s Seafood Stew

Hello-  This summer has not been about cooking for me.  My very nice mother in law has been doing most of it and what I have been making you might have already seen.  But… the other day, I did make this incredibly awesome, wonderfully delicious seafood stew and I invited my in laws to lunch.  Haddock, scallops, shrimp and lobster.  How could you go wrong?

I found this recipe in Down East…

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Video- Fall ride through the White Mountains

Video- Fall ride through the White Mountains

Here’s a video that we took using a GoPro Camera of a fall trip through the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The scenery is always spectacular in the fall as you snake your way through the mountains. The camera does a great job and has a wide angle lens for wonderful shots.

I’m also looking forward to using it this fall when we get back to the Bahamas for some underwater filming!


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Designer Kitchens of Ireland

Designer Kitchens of Ireland

I’ve known Darren Morgan of Designer Kitchens for a few years through social media channels and I thought you might enjoy seeing some of his work. Someday I’d love to visit Ireland and stop by for a tour of the homes that he has helped design but for now, I’ll settle for seeing his work in photos.

Designer Kitchen is set to roll out a unique collection of bespoke furniture that has been…

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Time lapse video of sunrise in Maine and Vermont

Time lapse video of sunrise in Maine and Vermont

I’ve been playing a lot with my Brinno BCC 100 and so I made these two videos of a sunrise in Vermont and another in Maine. I soon have to return this camera as I only had it for review but I can tell you there is not a thing that I don’t like about it. It’s about as simple to use as you can imagine. You set it up. It films, it links all the shots together and your movie is set. You upload to…

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Slideshow of a visit to the Deerfield Fair

Slideshow of a visit to the Deerfield Fair

Not long ago we made a trip to the Deerfield Fair in New Hampshire and I thought a slideshow of what we saw would be the best way to show it. Country fairs are interesting on many levels from looking at all the various animals and events to just watching the people that attend. Now the food is the thing of heart attack nightmares and if you ate it more than a few times a year, well you probably…

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